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Myjavské Kopanice is a very popular rural area in the western part of Slovakia. It stretches across the Little Carpathians. Apart from traditional cottages and folk culture, it also offers wonderful places for cycling that are worth visiting. On a relatively small footprint, you will find many medieval castles, lakes, and lookout places. Furthermore, you’ll find here hundreds of kilometers of quiet roads that will safely take you to these beautiful places. Rent a bike and explore this beautiful region.

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We offer wide variety of bikes and e-bikes with in-store pickup or delivery in the Myjava district and nearby places. Rent a bike and explore Slovakia by bike.

Places to visit

Looking for an inspiration? We have a lot of tips for you where to go for a bike trip. Just choose from dozens of interesting places and enjoy your ride. 

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Don’t know how to get to your desired destination? Don’t worry, we can help to find the right place and navigate you through local routes and trails.

Places to visit

Most favorite places to visit by bike

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Helping you to explore Slovakia

Kopanice is a beautiful region in the western part of Slovakia close to the border with Czechia. Although it is very nice, it’s often overlooked by visitors. It doesn’t offer such a wide variety of well-known tourist places but in return, it offers beautiful nature and excellent conditions for active relaxation and many places and destinations for cycling trips with family or kids. That is why we founded Kam na bajk bike rental service. We will help you find the right place to visit and enjoy your stay in Slovakia. We hope you’ll love it here.

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