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42 EUR
74 EUR 15% OFF
Mountain bike
30 EUR
45 EUR
Kids bike
25 EUR
40 EUR

Delivery fee to your place 0.60 EUR/km. Prices are VAT inclusive.

Terms and conditions

Renting a bike is quite simple. Let’s see how it works. We are open during the summer season (April – October) from 9 AM to 6 PM.


The whole process starts by filling out the form and submitting an order. Select a bike, place where you want to pick it up and let us know when and for how long you would like to rent it. We’ll review your order and check availability. The order is only valid after confirmation from our side. We’ll be in touch shortly. 


You pay in advance (on delivery or pick-up). The only accepted payment method is cash at this point. Check the pricing page for the most up-to-date prices.


We require a deposit of 150 EUR for renting a mounting bike or 200 EUR for renting an e-bike. The deposit will be returned to you after you return the bike in its original condition. In case you damage the bike, the repair will be covered and deducted from the deposit. In case the repair is more costly, we’ll charge an additional fee to cover the repair. 

Rental agreement

To make sure both sides are protected, we’ll sign a rental agreement. We’ll need your name, ID number, and address. You can download the agreement below.  


You can return the bike by 6 PM in-store or at your place. 

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Požičaj si e-bike
Zľava 15% od 3 dní.

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